Herd of escaped goats wanders through Georgia town

Police and bystanders became amateur goat wranglers in a Georgia town when a herd employed to clear weeds from a grocery store got loose.

The Atlanta Police Department said the goats, which belong to business Get Your Goats, had been employed to clear overgrowth from outside a Kroger store in Buckhead, but escaped from the electric fence keeping them contained.

The owner of Get Your Goats said about 40 of the animals, as well as three Great Pyrenes herding dogs, escaped from the fence.

The wandering herd made their way through the neighborhood, stopping to graze near the Rooms To Go furniture store.

Cam Ashling, the owner of the Buckhead Goats Farmhouse, a nearby business that runs a “goat mansion” Airbnb, assisted police in attempting to round up the loose animals.

“If you get a couple of them to go, the rest will follow,” she told WAGA-TV.

Animal Control officers arrived on the scene with an animal transport vehicle and the goats were loaded up for transport back to Get Your Goats.